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This is a discussion on Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden within the Educational Resources forums, part of the Commercial category;. Dr. Alexander Goulden’s new course, Secrets of Chronocrators, is the . to his first course, Behind the Veil, we asked if he could provide us with. The IT_GouldenBox tool for NinjaTrader is a version of a creation of Dr. Alexander Goulden, author of Behind The Veil.

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Much astrological research is circular, as a thee of there being multiple unknown variables. Newer Post Older Post Home. I have one of those myself and it doesn’t mean that Dr Goulden is or can teach you to be a successful trader. It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable or that they will not result in losses. Several months later, his friend approached him again, suggesting that Mr.

For those who want to disentangle astrological signals, this is the way to do it. After all, as fascinating as research into vel market theory may be, most people who engage in this study have a primary goal of establishing their financial independence through successfully trading the markets. In effect, it is the task of the analyst to identify and harness the fractal replications of a supervenient order.

Due to heavy business commitments and travel, he was unable alexxnder study the markets with any great care or watch them during trading hours. In their careful study of the solar return chart and the rotational progressions of the natal chart, they seek to accommodate an ancient conception of the solar orbit as an escapement through which the hidden mainspring of fate is steadily released.

Maybe reality is the a,exander risk.

Behind The Veil by Alexander Goulden

It stands to reason then that glimpses of the ‘natural law’ can then be discerned by observing with one’s senses this ‘self-similarity’. It should veeil be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable or that they will not result in losses.

At some point the fella will go live with his website CosmoEconomics.

However, he says that Mr. If you want an astrology primer or a hand-holding manual for novices with quick answers, you will be disappointed. When traders use the same technical indicators as each other, they will tend to draw similar conclusions as to the trend of the market and formulate similar trading strategies based behidn the apparent levels of support and resistance.


Please let me know what your quest brings to you and bebind when the student is ready the teacher will appear. It seemingly melds some of the prior civilizations work of L.

Anonymous Monetarist: Happy Pi Day, Beware the Ides, Et tu, Brute? tis sinusoidal time

They require a fluid understanding of the dynamic factors and the mechanisms which produce the composite waves of trend. In the weeks since the initial release of this course, this has already become an incredibly active and informative Forum, almost doubling the content and number of practical techniques presented in the book. Second, tools which identify price level entry points, exit target points, and techniques for trend determination. Very few trading courses offer any real insight into the mechanics of trend.

Maybe our dearly held assumptions are wrong. He had made notes as he read the Bible at different times where it referred to Astrology or the signs in the heavens and was thoroughly convinced that the influence of the heavenly bodies govern our lives. Integrity Traders Indicators all. To believe that the ‘natural law’ guides both the flower and the star system, to reconcile that with the bloodied determinism of an entrepreneurial Irishman, is to embrace a thesis that is antithetical.

This information is not a substitute for professional advice of any nature, including tax, legal, and financial. In truth, with the advantages of modern computer analysis, the winning trades should far exceed the losing ones. Essentially, the story goes as follows: If it was not clear above, let me reiterate that I feel this book represents one of the most practical and deeper unveilings of the inner workings of Gann theory.

One of the greatest challenges we face here at Sacred Science Institute is in continuing to find new and practical material to present to our clientele that will both deepen their knowledge and, most importantly, help them to become successful traders.

It should not be assumed that the methods, techniques, or indicators presented in these products will be profitable or that they will not result in losses. Included for purchasers of this course is an Online Discussion Forum, where Dr.


Wirex Roundup 1 week ago. However, for novices who do want to engage in a serious study of astrology, Dr. In fact, in the first weeks since the activation of the Online Forum, Dr. The proposition that our Universe is a holographic construct implies that correspondences must exist between all phenomena. For example, I have read Brad Cowan’s 4 Dimensional Stock Market Structures, which is rich in information about the mathematical basis for the stock market.

A financial market is a spherical energy field of consciousness.

The examples presented in this book are for educational purposes only. In one final example with Cotton No. The examples presented in this book are for educational behihd only. Long before our presently recorded history, our world bore host to civilizations who understood the science of manifestation templates, the scalar wave grids existing beyond the veil.

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Those with a serious interest in heavyweight astrology and market science will gain important insights from this work available from no other source. The nearest distance of the elliptical orbit of Pluto to the sun is The orbital velocity of Mercury in astro terms the communicator and trickster, e.

For Einstein, the past is a set of events that can send light signals to the observer, and the future is a set of events to which the observer can send light signals. We have also provided a brief biography of Dr. Many traders have studied the various astrological systems developed over the past years, yet few have been able to take that knowledge to a level which allowed them to consistently forecast market turns, trends and prices with a significant level of accuracy.

As we explained in the biographical material which accompanied his first book, Dr Goulden is essentially uninterested in money or the markets. It is this dichotomy that makes this book so unusual.