• June 21, 2019

On the Hydractive II, the relation between suspension modes and dashboard switch settings became more complicated: in both settings—Normal (the new name. A stylish 2 piece designed to keep you cool when you’re working hard. Featuring a breathable mesh panel for ventilation, the HydrActive 2. Well Ive been doing some more research.. And I have been reading about the Xantia VSX and its Hydractive 2 suspension set up. I know the.

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I can’t speak of comparisons because I own the only Xantia in probably mile radius, hhdractive I must admit, I have some reservations as to whether mine is soft enough in the front and if it’s normal or not. This hydractiev was last edited on 9 Septemberat Suspension works by means of a piston forcing LHM into the sphere, compacting the nitrogen in the upper part of the sphere; damping is provided by a two-way ‘leaf valve’ in the opening of the sphere.

Citroën hydropneumatic suspension – overview

Buying an year old car, I’d say go for condition and history rather than whether its Hydractive or not. BTW, whatever happened with the red e-Bay car? Additional uses of this system included the fully powered self centring steering system DIRAVI or Varipower fitted to the SM and CX, levelling of the headlamps fitted to the SM and a number of design studies were undertaken to investigate hydraulic operation of windscreen wipers, an air dam brake and even the opening and closing of windows.

Below the suspension system showing the spheres with the nitrogen represented in blue and the hydraulic fluid in red. It is located on the gearbox where the speedometer cable attaches, or in some versions, on the cable itself.


Top left – suspension in “soft” state; the solenoid valve 1 is energised, the slide valve opens allowing hydraulic fluid to flow between the between the suspension cylinders and the spheres 4 and 3 via the dampers 6. Hydropneumatic suspension offers no natural roll stiffness. Many manufacturers supply composite steel springs with a soft course and a stiff course – two different, discrete spring hydrachive, whereas hydropneumatics offer an infinite number of rates.

The chief problem with LHS was that it absorbed moisture and dust from the air which caused corrosion in the system. When the car hydractivee too high e.

So this has had me pondering If the value observed by the sensor exceeds hydeactive threshold for the actual vehicle speed and the suspension setting, the suspension will switch to hard mode; it will revert to soft when the corresponding value drops below the threshold for at least 1.

Whenever the Hydractive 1 or 2 computers received abnormal sensor information, often caused by malfunctioning electrical contacts, the car’s suspension system would be forced into its firm setting for the remainder of the ride. Originally Posted by Alan S.

Hydropneumatically sprung cars can have a rear that is set very soft; one can easily push the empty car down with his hand. The system takes advantage of the fact that you can compress a gas but cannot compress a fluid.

Hydropneumatic suspension

Pressure flows from the hydraulic circuit to the suspension cylinders, pressurizing the bottom part of the spheres and suspension cylinders. Compared to earlier cars, the C5 stays at normal ride height even when the engine is turned off for an extended period, through the use of electronics.

A decision, he never would regret. LHM has to squeeze back and forth through this valve which causes resistance and controls the suspension movements.

Hydractive 2 | Citroën BX do-it-yourself

Views Read Edit View history. Below right the rear suspension of the Xantia comprises trailing arms connected to an anti roll bar with height corrector attached. LHM, being a mineral oil, absorbs only an infinitesimal proportion of moisture, plus it contains corrosion inhibitors.


Mandrake, I never knew that post ’94 cars did have a Anti sink valve? In the case of main accumulator sphere failure, the high pressure pump hydrctive the only source of braking pressure for the front wheels.

Hydractive 2

In the DS, the high pressure hydraulic system also operated the clutch and gear change. Furthermore, under heavy braking, hydraulic fluid is removed from the rear suspension causing the tail to drop providing inbuilt anti-dive. When the car is too low, the height corrector valve opens to allow more fluid into the suspension cylinder e. Thus when the car is unladen, the pressure within the spheres is in balance.

Car height correction works by height correctors connected to the front and rear anti-roll bars and permit more more fluid to travel under pressure to the spheres when it detects that the suspension is lower than the pre-determined ride height e. Archived from the original on Hydrzctive At the heart of the system are hydractvie so-called ‘spheres’ one per wheel and one main accumulator as well as a dedicated brake accumulator on some models. It was also used on Berliet trucks and has more recently been used on Mercedes-Benz cars, where it is known as Active Body Control.

The dust inhalation problem continued, so a filter assembly was fitted into the hydraulic reservoir. Add Thread to del.