• July 11, 2019

This version of this document supersedes any and all previous versions of the ICVERIFY for Windows Setup Guide. Revision Date: 01 March ICVERIFY. Processor Setup Guide Last updated: January Processor Setup Guide Document Number: en_US PayPal, Inc. All rights reserved. PayPal is a registered . If you are not certain how to perform these tasks, or do not know if your computer is capable of running the software, please refer to the ICVERIFY Setup Guide.

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Page 2 of Open the request directory and copy the icver The Processor acts as an intermediary between you and your financial institution it checks the cardholder s account and then if the funds are available approves the transaction and routes the funds to your account when the approved transaction is settled.

This is sometimes useful in testing and multi- Merchant setups. Appendix B, Setup Data, describes the Processor information required during setup. The formats for line items vary by the type of card and are described fully in the Purchasing Card Supplement.

Page 57 of Recurring Payments Profile Report. Primary Network Connection This is a drop-down box used to select the connection that JCard will use as the primary method to reach the Heartland host.

Run the Setup Wizard for each merchant, and create the Setup files. This publication, or any part thereof, may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, or mechanical, including.

Fax Cover Sheet and Application Checklist.

Finally, you must install, set up and register the software. The default is The alternate phone number for your authorization network.


ICVERIFY for Windows Version 4.2 Software Developer s Kit Guide

Enter the user account information you have been assigned to enter the GUI application, then click OK. Security Presentation Initial Unit 2: The introduction includes the report type, dates and time, the company name, and page number, as shown in Figure 7. All Rights Reserved Copyright Copyright. No part of this More information. If you don t want to provide either the clerk or the customer name fields, the field should read: You can skip this section if you are not using TSYS.

Processor Setup Guide

You can use whatever combination of formats and interfaces is needed to enable your payments integration. Only the second field is matched when searching. Whether the payments are for retail, mail order, phone order, or Internet More information.

Do not change these values from their defaults unless instructed to do so. This fee is compensation to reimburse the issuer for the expenses of processing the transaction and risks associated with providing loans. Indicates actions you must take or avoid for the system to operate properly.

ICVERIFY for Windows Version , Release 4 Setup Guide – PDF

This directory will be used for the exchange of transaction requests and responses. The receipt message can be up to 30 characters long.

Page 21 of Specifically, the person who intends to install and perform initial configuration of the software should read this guide. A single-user license allows only one substation. Approved transactions are written to a settlement or open batch file in ICVERIFY, and these transactions remain in the file until settlement is performed. The corresponding Answer files are placed in the shared network directory to be retrieved by the substation or integrated point-of-sale system that originated the transaction.


If you re performing standard processing, your summary will be similar to that shown in Figure 9a. Merchant Information Figure 20 shows the main merchant information tab in the Advanced Setup application. The request directory will be used by the stations on the network configured in shared directory mode. No part of this document may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means.

If you want to perform both types of credit card transactions, you must set up icverufy separate merchant profiles, and enable Cash Advance for one of them.

Guude Payflow More information. This field can be used to delete approved books after the number of days specified by you after they have been authorized.

ICVERIFY for Windows Version Software Developer s Kit Guide – PDF

The expiration date on the credit card used for the transaction. These are termed interchange fees. We therefore make the following recommendations: Click the Modes tab. You can either run this immediately after you finish installing your software, or at 42 point prior to actually using it. This is your authentication key to validate your login when you send transactions to EFSnet.

If your industry is retail then the most commonly used transaction is Sale S. When settlement is performed, this transaction sends the message that the merchandise was sent.