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Calvinism. Six Stone-lectures. Lectures on the L.P. Stone-foundation, Princeton . Calvinism, as the only decisive, lawful, and consistent defence for Protestant. The Stone Lectures on Calvinism. by Abraham Kuyper. CALVINISM. Six Lectures Delivered in the Theological Seminary at Princeton. by. Index. The Stone Lectures are an annual series at Princeton Theological Seminary. Kuyper’s lectures, gathered here, are an outline of his Calvinist theology and its.

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Neo-Calvinism – Wikipedia

From Greece it passed on to the Roman Empire. Now in fact history shows that the nations among whom Calvinism flourished most 40 widely exhibit calvinksm every way this same mingling of races.

Calvinsim even so, it is as clear as day that the supreme force in the central development of the human race moved along calfinism from Babylon and Egypt to Greece and Rome, then to the chief regions of the Papal dominion, and finally to the Calvinistic nations 36 of Western Europe.

In this way, Calvinism came to its fundamental interpretation of an 24 immediate fellowship with God, not because Calvin invented it, but because in this immediate fellowship God Himself had granted to our fathers a privilege of which Calvin was only the first to become clearly conscious. This stream had its rise in Middle Asia and the Levant, and has steadily continued its course from East to West.

Abraham Kuijper 29 October MaassluisNetherlands.

It can even be said that the need of a theoretical and systematical study of so incisive and comprehensive a phenomenon of life only arises when its first vitality has been exhausted, and when for the sake of maintaining itself in the future, it is compelled kuyyper greater accuracy in the drawing of its boundary lines.

No one believes any longer the pretended race-unity of the Greeks. But this of course very really implied a fundamental and special interpretation of our relation to God. Part of a series on.

Hence, as a central phenomenon in the development of humanity, Calvinism is not only stonw to an honorable position by the side of Paganistic, Islamistic and Romanistic forms, since like these it represents a peculiar principle dominating the whole of life, but it also meets every required condition for the advancement of human development to a higher stage. It was not the man of lower estate who reduced his superior to his level in order to usurp the higher place, but it was all men kneeling in concert at the feet of the Holy One of Israel.


In Greece as well as m Italy we deal with races of a later date who have intermingled with the earlier Pelasgians, Etruscians and others.

The domain of Calvinism is indeed far broader than the narrow confessional interpretation would lead us to suppose. This was no outcome of envy. Popularity is calculated by comparing this book’s number of views to our most commonly read book. Far more precious to us than even the development of human life, is the crown which ennobles it, and this noble crown of life for you and for me rests in the Christian name.

No impulse for any higher life has ever gone forth from the third group. TheologianJournalistMinister. If, as Paganism contends, God dwells in the creature, a divine superiority is exhibited in kjyper is high among men.

Views Read Edit View history. Thus puritanic sobriety went hand in hand with the reconquest of stons entire life of the world, and Calvinism gave the impulse to that new development which dared to face the world with the Roman thought: New Calvinismp. Here alone we find the common source from which the different streams of our human life spring and separate themselves. Kuyper’s theological and political views are linked.

John Knox Luther can be interpreted without Calvin, but not Calvin without Luther. This led to a personal conflict between Kuyper and De Savorin Lohman. In this scientific sense, the name of Calvinism is especially current among German scholars. Readers familiar with this tradition will appreciate these six foundational lectures. Kuyper subsequently moved to The Haguewithout telling his friends in Amsterdam. His law on higher education, which would make the diplomas of faith-based universities equal to that of ston public universities, was defeated in the Senate.


Biblical Insights for Daily ObedienceOntario: So Calvinism was bound to find its utterance in the democratic interpretation of life; to proclaim the liberty clavinism nations; and not to rest until both politically and socially every man, simply because he is man, should be recognized, respected and dealt with as a creature created after the Divine likeness. The second objection we have to meet is this: He did not take his seat in parliament however but was instead appointed formateur and later prime minister of the Dutch cabinet.


And as an unavoidable sequence, the balance of power in Europe would have returned to its former position. His position on suffrage also led to a conflict within the ARP: The question answers itself.

And therefore, when I was invited most honorably by your Faculty to give the Stone -Lectures here this year, I could not hesitate a moment as to my choice of subject.

This applies to the lowest Animism, as well as to the highest Buddhism. There are tubal nations which have isolated themselves 38 and others which have intermingled. This is the great work of the Holy Spirit in history, by which Calvinism has been consecrated, and which interprets to us its wondrous energy. As an MP, Kuyper kept his job as journalist, and he even became chair of the Dutch Circle of Journalists in ; when he left in he was made honorary president.

There is no doubt then that Christianity is imperiled by great and serious dangers. And as a political name, Calvinism indicates that political movement which has guaranteed the liberty of nations 8 in constitutional statesmanship; first in Holland, then in England, and since the close of the last century in the United States. The boy received no formal primary educationbut received secondary education at the Gymnasium of Leiden.

Tak wanted to reform the census-suffragebut a majority in parliament rejected his proposal. Saul Dubow notes that Kuyper advocated “the commingling of blood” as “the physical basis for all higher development” in the Stone Lectures He rejected the popular sovereignty of France in which all rights originated with the individual, and the state-sovereignty of Germany in which all rights derived from the state.

There can be little question, in fact, that Calvinism, or some modification of its essential principles, is the form of religious faith that has been professed in the modern world by the most intelligent, moral, industrious, and freest of mankind.

They would have five sons and three daughters. In fact, Anabaptism adopted the Romish theory, with this difference: