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The participants will need to bring personal laptops and to register on mail: For the first time the Ghost variety will be presented with a heat index of over SHU, considered to be dangerously hot.

This event gives us the opportunity to present in the Exhibiting Greenhouse some plant collections with great patrimonial value, which are distinguishing by the abundance of species and varieties and comes from the international exchanges with botanical gardens from other continents.

The displayed scientific collection includes several hundreds of specimens impressive through their color, general aspect and age of over 40 years. In exhibition will be presented various species and varieties from the collections of azaleas and camellias, conifers shaped in bonsai style, and also peperomias, begonias, fittonias, marantha, crotons, euphorbias, cacti. The official opening will take place on 23 of October at The poster of the symposium.

The scientific value of this collection is given by the evolution through polyploidy and the ornamental importance is given by the remarkable colors and contrast due to the presence of antocyanins, and the therapeutic and alimentary value is offered by the presence of glucosinolates, isothiocyanates, flavonoids, vitamins C, K, A, B, E and minerals S, Ca, K, Mn, Cu, Fe, Mg.

Armonia 1 Berklee

Sunday, 3 February11 o’clock, is programmed the inauguration of the azaleas and camellias exhibition “The Flowers Magic”opened in 3 — 24 February period. The exhibition is open daily from 9. The volunteers have free access. Specialists from the Alexansru Garden from Iasi and PhD students from the Research Laboratory for Fungi from the Faculty of Biology, organize an exhibition with over species of eatable, toxic and poisonous mushrooms, collected from forests situated near Iasi and from Bacau, Neamt and Suceava counties.


On this occasion will be exposed species and varieties known or less known of azaleas and camellias, as well amonie numerous specimens of plants originating in subtropical and tropical areas. Varieties of Chrysanthemum indicum explained in Braille and Latin alphabet can be noticed by their specific smell and velvety aspect within alexandry subsection for people with visual disabilities. This year edition offers, besides the chromatic diversity of flowers originating from different parts of the world, masks made by the students from the Botanical Garden staff, masks united in the symbols of the long expected spring.

There will also be highlighted other plant species with names of avifaunistic inspiration: The visitors are expected daily, between 9. The photographs catch in an artistic way the diversity of these animals and the scientific rigor of specific details, accompanied by novel explanations. The opening will take place Saturday-October 25 th at The richness of species and varieties is represented by thousands of specimens exposed in the open spaces and within the greenhouse.

This bird has special significations, especially in the culture and traditions of the Japanese people, where it is associated with stability, being considered the symbol of the spring, happiness, love, longevity and marital allegiance. Sunday, 21 october11 o’clock, has been opened the XXXI edition of the “Autumn Flowers” exhibition, that could have been visited in 21 October — 11 November period. The exhibition will be opened between 9. Warm and strong colors of the petals of azaleas and camellias accompany many tropical and subtropical plant species, which transmit messages understood only by those who really appreciate nature.

Exhibition poster Photo Gallery Dr. Renate Aschauer-Knaup, 1 July The opening will take place on Saturday, February 3,at This event, which repeats every year, has become a real tradition for the community of Iasi.

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The commune consisted mainly of university students, who formed a music group initially to fund the commune, with everyone who lived there joining in to play music whether or not they had any experience or ability.


The event is addressed to nature lovers of all ages, being an educational activity integrated in the program dedicated to World Environment Day. Volunteers have free acces. In order to highlight the beautiful colors of the flowers several specimens of thuja, cypress and spruce were used, along with species of ferns, which through their luxuriant aspect suggest a drop of exuberance in a space that emits an eastern-Asian sobriety.

The diversity of colors, flowers shapes and sizes and the unusual uses of these plants will provide information on the horticultural tradition of chrysanthemums in Asia and on their introduction in Europe.


Among the floral arrangements the crane alexandr be emphasized, a bird considered a figurative image which gives life to paper in origami art. The activities will be held daily, from 9 a. Also, the visitors could admire a various range of artistic floral arrangements with azaleas, camellias, orchids, fresias, flamingo flowers, peace lily and winter lily.

The exhibition is dedicated to the International Year of Biodiversityand is exposed a wide variety pasdanu fruits and seeds from the species and varieties of plants from the Botanical Garden collections. The collection of azaleas and camellias, flowers of a real beauty, will represent the attractive point of the exhibition. The cultivars of Chrysanthemums, cared with great love and knowledge of our gardeners will enjoy on this occasion the eyes and souls of armoniie those who come to see.

The greenhouses exhibition space is decorated with several beautiful exotic plant species such as: At this they were one of the first groups to achieve success; Procol Harum Live: