• June 11, 2019

Garmin G versus Avidyne Entegra. You’re here because you want to know which glass cockpit is better and/or easier to use: the Garmin G or the. The Entegra Release 9 from Avidyne is a total upgrade of the existing Entegra avionics suite to be found in your aircraft. During the upgrade your old PFD & MFD. Blame the folks who made the nearly inch span of SR22 panel occupied by Avidyne’s certificated, TSO’d Entegra EFIS panel: a primary.

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Or, you can opt for a larger HSI display that shows only the degree arc of space immediately ahead of you — and still keep all the other items mentioned in the last sentence. The instrumentation display on the PFD is unique. Glass cockpit systems are truly the superior way to fly an airplane, which is why the airlines have used them for more than a decade.

The G has a map pointer so you can easily view any portion of a displayed map. Photo by Steve Koch. Simplicity Pilots must depend on their own good judgment, training and situational awareness in order to fly. After more than an hour flying off combined displays, I left the experience with something of an attitude about your garden-variety, industry-standard instrument set.

Entegra Release 9 makes creating and editing your Flight Plans a doddle. This page was last edited on 6 Februaryat And that availability will allow me to spread around the blame when the time comes to upgrade our bird into the current century. If you yourself are a technology-savvy consumer you will certainly find yourself looking for products that offer a growth path to the latest and greatest advanced features and functionality as and when they become available, providing you with the highest possible level of capability for the greatest value.


Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9

It is a little simpler and a little more user friendly, but the integration is lacking. The Entegra Release 9 from Avidyne is a total upgrade of the existing Entegra avionics suite to be found in your aircraft.

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People of a certain age have one airline accident above all seared into their memories. Well, for those, you have to entegar through the Garmin GPS.

With input through the familiar pitot-static system, Entegra’s air data computer continually updates the winds aloft and true airspeed TAS indications on the PFD. Moving to the MFD, the knob on the lower left gives you avidyyne ability to scroll through a myriad of different pages, depending on what your plane is equipped with.

Now, looking vaidyne that list, some of what will be in your airplane largely depends upon what you want to put in there. Flags that indicate the current function of the PFD’s eight soft keys are also shown, four on each side. The Avidyne displays instrument procedure charts and taxiway diagrams and you can actually see the position of your aircraft on the charts. Toggling between the terrain color-coded base map and an IFR navigation map on the Avvidyne was easy and instantaneous, with no lag from waiting on the electronics to redraw the screen.

Avidyne’s Entegra Release 9 | Flying Magazine

Situation awareness is always a priority, and the more you have the better. The screens remained easy to read — although a couple of times the strongest light seemed to shine off the glare-resistant screen to slightly wash out the intensity of the display, without making it unreadable. Some competing glass flight deck systems have limited redundancy, lose critical functionality such as datalink weather, traffic, or even autopilot, and their failure modes force the pilot to learn composite display symbology and “reversionary modes.


This article contains content that is written like an advertisement. Pilots must depend on their own good judgment, training and situational awareness in order to fly. Planned entrgra routes can be inserted into the flight plan by the pilot, as can instrument approaches to the alternate as part of the primary flight plan.

Cirrus and Diamond opted for the landscape horizontal orientation; and once the units become available for retrofit, owners will have the same choices. You are likely to find that the system will actually display your required avkdyne based on your initial suggestion. Avidyne does seem to be a little more user friendly because of the simplicity of the system.

This auto-fill is based upon the distance from the current position, removing the requirement to filter through choices obviously too far away in order to get to the desired entry. Speed bugs on the airspeed tape show you Vr, Vx, Vy and best glide speeds, making it easy to remember and maintain a given airspeed. You lose the Sandel — don’t need it anymore — along with all those air- and suction-powered gyros, mechanical air-sensor instruments, engine gauges and more.

One of the advantages of these glass flight deck systems is upgradeability. However, the way the services are displayed is very different. Some G systems e.