• June 14, 2019

Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania: : Blendi Fevziu, Robert Elsie: Libri in altre lingue. I’m trying to learn more about Enver Hoxha and other. Despite the severity of Enver Hoxha’s regime as Albanian leader between 85, In Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania, Blendi Fevziu provides the first. In his book Enver Hoxha: The Iron Fist of Albania, Albanian journalist Blendi Fevziu presents English-language readers with the first comprehensive account of.

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Interesting in particular is the account hxha the Stalin-Hoxha relationship where the idea that Stalin had any interest in Albania especially prior to the split with Tito is challenged and interestingly the criticisms of Stalin by Hoxha around the time of the 20th Congress of the CPSU including an article in the Party daily hxha Hoxha which stated fevxiu made some mistakes which cost the Soviet peoples and the cause of socialism dearly’.

A very qualitative book. The book of Mr. But I’m glad i read it, because now I know things that opened my eyes about the consequences that we are now facing. Open Preview See a Problem? The book is chronologically organized, based on written documents and gives cold realism of sufferings throughout the second part of XX century.

Until I read Fevziu’s book, I had no idea what a dire state the country was in when I visited it. Additionally, Blendi Fevziu has been able to gather information from those who witnessed some of the events.

Enver Hoxha

Well written with a fluent and easy style. I finished this book thinking that while I now know a little more about Enver Hoxha and Albania, I need to find out more. This work makes allusions to Albania’s past during the rgime of Enver Hoxha.

A prolific writer, Hoxha wrote over 70 books during his lifetime many of which apparently were ‘revised’ versions of his life so, while Fevziu had extensive material from which to research this biography, gleaning the truth must have been incredibly difficult. An archetypal stalinist dictator, both his enemies and friends described him as mediocre through and through, but fueled by an innate thirst of power and the insatiable need to cling onto it.

Gabime ortografike pa fund! What I most wanted, and missed, was some insight into why Hoxha took certain actions or into the experience of living under him in the Bllok as well as in the country as a whole. Only once the regime collapsed in could his real story be told without fear.


The Hoxha regime was as undereducated as it was lasting. Even up until his death inhis grip on power was strong and unquestioned. This is very welcome because you come across a lot of names.

I would have liked more pictures in the book lbiri a bit of knowledge about the history of Albania is recommended. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

He also wrote prolifically, keeping a diary and writing oibri dictating more than 60 volumes of memoirs, and had a complex relationship with the internationally renowned novelist, Vevziu Kadarewho continued to live in the country under his rule.

In this part of the study, the differences and similarities between A little dry at first, particularly doing the frvziu description of the birth of the communist party in Albania, Fevziu manages to paint an image of a dictator that is somewhat recognisable yet shocking.

One thing to consider before reading it, is to make sure that you are ready to get inside a vicious and evil world, and the things that you are going to learn are way more horrific than you imagined. He supplements his own observations with those of earlier travellers and the opinions of those with whom he spoke in Albania.


Jul 31, Albatros Rexhaj rated it it was amazing. There are interesting sections about life in the government complex and the stresses and strains on those living there and the false pleasantries and jockeying for survival within. Blendi Fevziu is the best in this genre ehver literature. Hoxha had little interest in politics until he found himself in it.

Remember me on this computer. This excellent biography demonstrates that like Stalin and Hitler, Hoxha rose from a socially insignificant background.

Enver Hoxha Research Papers –

Statement published in the catalogue for the opening exhibition of this work at the National Gallery of Albania, Boendi Paci, born and eductaed in Albania, now works as an artist in Italy. That which did exist tended to suffer from a lack of reliable primary resource material and either sang the praises of heroic Comrade Hoxha or presented him as an arch demon.

The story of the Stalinist Communist dictator of Albania, who reigned through terror and repression, and left a shocking legacy of death. This work makes allusions to Albania’s past during the It was portrayed as an agrarian country that used rather primitive technology. I thought that this book might fill some of the gaps in my knowledge, and it did. Paranoia about enemies real and imagined seems to have dogged Envers rule with loyal friends and enemies dispatched in much the same way for deviations suspected fevzi real, the blenri of corpses is bpendi as is their occasional rehabilitation, falling out of favour enfer rehabilitation along with exhumations and reburials according to their current status.


Paranoia about enemies real and imagined seems to have dogged Envers rule with loyal friends and fevzui dispatched in much the same way for deviations suspected or real, the trail of corpses is impressive libbri is their occasional rehabilitation, falling out of favour and rehabilitation along with exhumations and reburials according to their current status.

His extreme antipathy to Hoxha as a person, and to communists in general, narrows his writing to invective. Where truth is uncertain this is clearly indicated by the language used and many key events, particularly during Hoxha’s ascent and early years of power, are now difficult to establish exactly due to his having since ordered the deaths of witnesses who might have refuted his own version.

The only disappointment I got from this book is the scarcity of information hoxna Hoxha’s foreign policy, which turned Albania into North Korea of the past, isolated from the rest of the world. Search inside this book Powered by Google.

It was like watching the most horrific movie of all time. Blendi Fevziu ka bleendi me 18 Maj Gendered Legacies of Communist Albania: Nov 05, Teresa rated it liked it Shelves: Despite being a ‘nonentity’ Hoxha seems to have been recognised as a charismatic public speaker and as possessing good looks making him photogenic and attractive to the people. Paperbackpages. This book would have been better if it could have provided more details of the country itself.