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Bibliographie dans Spirou de la BD Blondin et Cirage. Blondin et Cirage ont déjà rencontré Spirou et Fantasio, notamment avec Jijé dans “L’enlèvement de Spip”, par téléphone dans “Les. Blondin et Cirage (Q). comic book series edit. dewiki Blondin und Cirage; enwiki Blondin et Cirage; frwiki Blondin et Cirage; nlwiki Blondie en Blinkie.

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Blondin et Cirage made their debut in the 29th issue of Petits Belges in Practical information Rue des Capucins 15 Brussels. Retrieved from ” https: He also had blodnin few young cartoonists living with him in his studio in Waterloothus creating the so-called ” School of Marcinelle “: Book your stay From. Choose – Choose yes no. Views Read Edit View history. Blondin is a white, blond-haired boy who functions bloncin the straight man of the comic.

Joseph Gillain 13 January GedinneBelgium. Retrieved from ” https: This page was last edited on 18 Novemberat Please upgrade your browser to use visit.

The electronic festivals that get Brussels moving! Name of your event. Both his drawing style and his writing was very influential and groundbreaking.

“Blondin & Cirage” Comic Strip Wall

Thanks to these electronic music festivals, Brussels has become an unmissable place for fans of the genre. Other famous artists working in the style and influence of the School of Marcinelle include Peyo and Jean Roba. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Unfortunately your browser doesn’t support those technologies.


His Catholic faith inspired biographies of Don Bosco and Christopher Columbusas well as a gospel in comics form, Emmanuel.

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Create an account Forgot your password. After the war, he handed over his existing series’ to younger artists: A similar early anti-racist message was also given by Blondin et Ciragewith a white and a black boy featured as equals.

They had three adventures during World War II, with Cirage being absent in the last one due to the racial policies of the Nazi occupation. While Cirage has a somewhat stereotypical appearance the character is otherwise far more clever and sympathetic than most portrayals of black people in Western media at that time. He is held in high esteem by many of his peers, both those he tutored like Franquin and Moebius, and others.

It has become the trend over the last few years: In the characters were commemorated as a comic book wall painting designed by Georgios Oreopoulos et Daniel Vandegeerde, part of the Brussels’ Comic Book Route.


He also pursued sculpting and painting, mainly for his private use or for family and friends.

Blondin et Cirage

Nightclubs, where to go out in Brussels. They go on several adventures which bring them to the United States, Africa and Mexico. He also drew a biography of Baden-Powell. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Fresco of Blondin et Cirage, rue des Capucins, Brussels

He then created his own series, Jean Valhardiand drew episodes of the American series published during the war, like Red Ryder and Supermanwhen due to the war, the American pages could not reach the publisher.

Blondin et Cirage is notable for featuring the first black titular character in a Belgian comic strip. In his writing, he can be seen as a transitional figure between the classic hero-driven comics like Alix or Michel Vaillantand the modern anti-heroes like Blueberry or the works of Hermann Huppen. Brussels is known for its festive side and its nightlife and offers you numerous nightclubs.