Misty's Copy Massacres - 2 month group coaching. $497 per month.


Your 8 week deep dive into the emotional, connective and highly persuasive world of email marketing begins today...

*$497CDN (plus HST) is your monthly charge. You will be charged twice

Starting with an intense unearthing of what your clients are actually looking to but from you, this 8-week coaching course will uncover the highest converting sales copy techniques...ever.

As your coaching progresses week by week, you will practice Headlines, Subject lines, story -selling and repulsive marketing.

You'll finally understand how to segway your emails into the sale and pitch your product daily to your entire list without sounding like smarmy used car sales guys (no offence to all you used car dudes :)

Now, creating headlines, bullet points and call to actions will be a large focus of our teaching because these copy-must-knows will traverse multiple social media platforms. From Insta and Facebook to sales letters and landing pages, my goal is for you to able to reel off headlines like they are Fresh Prince of Bel Air lyrics.

In 8 weeks time, I will you have spewing sales bullet points so violently into your copy that your list will have no choice but to buy and i'm going to show you the easiest way to create a call to action that will make your reader not only happy to buy from you...

...but relieved you showed up in their inbox that day.

Lastly, I will ensure by that time we are done, you will be slamming out emails within 15 minutes so you can go off and do whatever else your life demands from you that day.