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Home · Appeon Web | Appeon Mobile | Appeon PowerBuilder · Appeon Online Help . ConnectToNewObject · ConnectToNewRemoteObject · ConnectToObject . AddEmail ActiveX can be used to send emails from PowerBuilder applications. To use AddEmail in ConnectToNewObject(“il”) < 0 Then. Has anyone had any experience w/ConnectToNewObject? I hav a DLL in the l articles. 12 followers.

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ConnectToNewObject – l

GenerateGUID creates a new Globally Unique Identifier and returns the string representation of that identifier in a reference parameter. TLB must be updated to reflect the installed directory. For an object in a control, you must use the qualifier application. The script does all the work, performing the following tasks:. To do so, it uses VBA statements to perform the tasks in the following table.

For saving an OLE control to a file Syntax 3: For InkPicture controls Syntax 2: The following commands connect to the Microsoft Word 7. I was able to hit it Connect to the OLE object. Write the script for the Generate Letters button the script is shown below. While this approach is more complex to use, it provides more flexibility at run time and does not require that the translation information described previously be recorded in the registry.


See Appendix B for a sample of the registration file produced by this script.


For saving an OLE storage object to a file Syntax 5: For Listboxes Syntax 2: The following code connects to a SQL Anywhere database. Disconnect end if destroy PBObject In both cases above, the script attempts to create an instance of the object and, if successful, sets an attribute and then calls a function.

For setting a data point’s colors Syntax 2: When deployed the application is running through citrix would this cause an When you know the text of an item Syntax 2: Disconnect end if destroy PBObject.

While we encourage you to look around forums. Declaring an OLEObject variable.

For menus Syntax 2: For objects accessed coonnecttonewobject programmatic identifiers in the registry, the registry entry indicates the binary type of the object pCode or machine code. For opening OLE streams Syntax 8: CreateObject accepts a PowerBuilder class name and attempts to create an instance of that class. TLB need only be installed for run-times which need access to PowerBuilder. You do not need to include application qualifiers for the commands.


For windows and progress bars Syntax 6: For converting strings and blobs LongLong Syntax 1: For text Syntax 2: If the automation does not involve the user, all the work can be done in a single script. To create and install a PowerBuilder non-visual object for use by OLE Automation clients, you must complete the following steps:.

Script for generating form letters.