• June 12, 2019

2 SYLLABUS CS OOAD LAB OBJECTIVE: To develop a mini-project following the 13 exercises listed below. 1. To develop a problem statement. 2. Develop an . CSOOAD Lab Manual. LAB MANUAL. SUB/CODE: CS Object Oriented Analysis and Design Lab. SEM/YEAR: VI/III BRANCH: III. CS OOAD LAB. OBJECTIVE: To develop a minimize the manual work and schedule resources, time in a cogent manner. 2. The core of the system is to.

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Ebook management in this project gives the idea about how ebooks are maintained in a particular concern. The customer login to the particular site. It shows the implementation phase of the systems development, such as the source code structure and the run-time implementation structure. Khushbu Patel Niyati Patel More information. The objects of an object oriented system are not static and are not easily understood by static diagrams.

The user interface must be customizable by the administrator. After checking the number of seats available the customers reserve the tickets. It tells the usability, reliability defined in the use case specification.

It takes lots of time for writing records manually. The product will be operating in windows environment. He communicates via this PAS. Our software has the facility to give a unique More information. Examination will be conducted at some venue. The main purpose of creating the document about the software is to know about the list of the lb in the software project part of the project to be developed.

MsgBox “record added successfully”. This process of on conference management system are described sequentially through following steps, The candidate login to the conference management system. The UML is a graphical language with sets of rules and semantics. Low cost maintainability should be implemented in software.


We are going to develop a secured database for the university. PURPOSE The purpose of exam registration system is to register for the exam in an easier mznual and to maintain the registered details in an effective manner.

Some typical CASE tools are:. BPO Management System 2. You can imagine what happened when students or unauthorized person can change the rule of university or update student records? Vendor has the login id. This minimizes the time duration in which the user receives the passport.

The database may get crashed at any certain time due to virus or operating system failure.

Authorities of the exam can keep track of and maintain the database of the lqb applicants for the exams. It is a specialized relationship in which the specialized elements are substitutable for object of the generalized element. This system tries to make the transaction as simple as possible and at the same time not risking the security of data transaction process.


To ensure availability of basic textbooks to students against limited funds and To develop students ability to handle property loaned to them The overview of this project is to design a tool for book cw2357 so that it can be used by any book banks to lend their books as well as colleges.

Online Ooac Application System. Visitor Information System Version 7 Date: Old members will directly select old member button. Human Resource Management System. The administrator checks for the availability for the required commodities and updates it in the database. Advanced Hospital Management System.

Ooad lab manual scribd ## – UM6SS DIGITAL

It has three modules and they are. The students will use the system by registering their name and register number. To analyse exam registration system design usecase class,sequence,collaboration diagram using rational rise enterprise edition. The features that are available to the Librarian are: Definitions, Acronyms And Abbreviations.


Ebook Management System in this project is done in an authorized way. Click on the help buttons, located towards the top of the admin area, for mnaual on any process 1. Finally the candidate registers all details. Then they places the order successfully.


Support higher-level development concepts. Electrical and Computer Engineering Document Type: The products that are to be purchased, the products that are to be sold are maintained here. The employee details and department details are stored in a database.

Then the mode of payment is selected for corresponding details. To analyse foreign trading system,design use case diagram,class diagram,sequence and collaboration diagram using rational ccs2357 enterprise edition.

This section describes how the software interfaces with other software products or users for input or output. Graphically it is represented as a cross between generalization and dependency relationship. In this we give specification about the system requirements that are apart from the functionality of the system to perform the recruitment of the jobseekers.

To create User who have already been registered with OCR and have received Registration Number can follow the following steps. Provides users ready to use, expressive visual modeling.

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