• June 14, 2019

Aurangzeb was never Shah Jahan’s favourite son — the heir-apparent was Dara Shikoh, a gentle and scholarly prince much beloved by the. On 30th August , Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s son Dara Shikoh was put to death by his younger brother Aurangzeb. The Dara Shikoh Album is a collection of paintings and calligraphy assembled during the s by Dara Shikoh (), the eldest son of the Emperor.

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By all accounts, it was an extremely happy and successful marriage.

A History of Jaipur. He had eight children including: See also this Archived 9 September at the Wayback Machine. Home Help Schedule Downloads Blog.

BBC Radio 4 – Incarnations: India in 50 Lives, Dara Shikoh: The Meeting Place of the Two Oceans

Nur-ud-din Muhammad Jahangir, Mughal Emperor 9. Shukoh means grandeur, glory or splendour.

He became known in the Mughal court as Baba Dara – a Mughal Daddy’s Boy – and spent his princely allowance pursuing his passion for religious ideas and translating scriptures. Dara believed that all religions converged to a single monotheistic truth, like rivers meeting together shiooh the ocean.

Dara Shukoh – Wikipedia

Perhaps Jahanara guesses that it is for the very life of Dara Shikoh that she must now plead. The history of India told through the lives of 50 phenomenal people.


He was also a patron of fine arts, music and dancing, a trait frowned upon by his younger sibling Muhiuddin, later the Emperor Aurangzeb. He then lays siege to the fort at Agra, cutting off its drinking water in this relentless month of June and the people in the fort capitulate within three days. Brown ink and gray wash with scratchwork on Japanese paper prepared with pale brown wash.

30th August 1659: Dara Shikoh is put to Death by Aurangzeb

Udai SinghRaja of Marwar 5. She lays aside her lavish lifestyle, her busy trade and diplomatic dealings, as easily shikih she would a faded cloak. From Sindh, he crossed the Rann of Kachchh and reached Kathiawarwhere he met Shikon Nawaz Khan, the governor of the province of Gujarat who opened the treasury to Sikoh Shukoh and helped him to recruit a new army.

List of Lives Featured The singers, saints, men and women featured in the series. Tummalapalle village located in the Kadapa district of Andhra Pradesh is considered as one of… Read More After this defeat he fled to Sindh and sought refuge under Malik Jiwan Junaid Khan Barozaian Afghan chieftain, whose life had on more than one occasion been saved by the Mughal prince from the wrath of Shah Jahan.

Her only desire is to console Shah Jahan and ease his burden. Murad, wounded after his bravery in battle and therefore a dangerous adversary for Aurangzeb, is imprisoned and will eventually be killed.


Dara Shikoh: The Meeting Place of the Two Oceans

Dara Shukoh is widely renowned [21] as an enlightened paragon of the harmonious coexistence of heterodox traditions on the Indian subcontinent. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Which state is the largest producer of uranium in India? Towards this goal he completed the translation of fifty Upanishads from their original Sanskrit into Persian in so shkoh they could be studied by Muslim scholars. Similar programmes By genre: Published by Reaktion Shikkh, To avoid potential data charges from your carrier, we recommend making sure your device is connected to a Wi-Fi network before downloading.

Radio 4 presents six short postcards on life in India today.

His next destination was Multan and then to Thatta Sindh. And few at court suspect the extent of her rancour or the depth of her ambition. This page was last edited on 27 Decemberat shokoh Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Crown Prince of the Mughal Empire. But another crucial source of information for Aurangzeb remains at court — Roshanara Begum.