• June 14, 2019

Buy Das SEMCO System, Management ohne Manager by (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday low prices and free delivery on eligible. : Das Semco System: Management Ohne Manager ; Das Neue Revolutionäre Führungsmodell () and a great selection of similar . Ricardo Semmler Das Semco System. 8 likes. Book.

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The most horrific quote of all being: Bruno Baketaric am 8. October Hi, really liked the article.

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

The purpose of this thesis is to collect relevant information for managers and leaders in order to let them better understand the Burnout-Syndrome. It has been a fascinating experience. Mixing that up actually creates barriers to change. You can find it in the practice of a few dozen extraordinary, pioneering organizations that have cracked the code, solved the puzzle, removed all doubt.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. It describes in detail all relevant measures and rules that have been implemented at Semco over more than two decades. October Hi Cuan. About how the physics of motivation, leadership and change work.

September Thanks for the feedback! The problem is that each of us individual keeps thinking: The good thing is that there are many answers to that. What are my strengths?

Ricardo Semler by Eva on Prezi

We identified the root cause but how to change it? This will make employees — especially knowledge workers — dislike work, avoid responsibility […]; and the managers theory will be confirmed.


It is out there in the real world: Then I ask you: In fact, I believe in System 1 thinking propagated by Daniel Kahneman, and based on that believe nobody really wants to do work — Theory X or Y, the lazy brain wants to do the least amount of work and get away with it! The Taozen system requires the pyramid to be inverted. There is no need to try to bring change to Theory X companies; the world around wemco is changing and bringing along with it the pressure to change.

I come with a different philosophy where everything contrary is true.

Trying the new thing a little is a topic I recently wrote another blog article about. It gives an overview on its main characteristics like risk factors, symptoms and possible means to reduce these risks.

Hans-Juergen Sturm am And that magic ingredient is our image of human nature, the way we think about people around us, and what drives them. Even through Theory X works against our best interest, in keeping our organizations stuck in command-and-control mode, driven by top-down, tayloristic management.

September Niels, Great article! Have you actually turned around a Theory X organization… I have. Bob Emiliani covers this much better than I ever could here: And then, point to this as a target for other departments and the organization, as a whole?

Thanks for your comment. And what have we really learned from these incredibly great companies? The list of recommendations contains tools and services from the areas communication, project management, and software development to help practitioners initiate a sustainable software development process. Or as they say in the US: The challenge is exactly the same with 20 or Only one thing I would quibble with is blaming Fredrick Taylor for a lot of our ills.


The theoretical section elaborates on the scientific foundations of leadership theories, particularly systemic organizational theory and neuroleadership which are then compared to the Semco system.

CollageMania – Das Semco System / Episode 7

February Hi Bruno. Companies like these have been doing things differently for 20, 30, 40 or even 50 years, in the case of Toyota. We need to persevere. Overall, changing entire organizations is both feasible and straight-forward, given the right method, and I would just add one hint: The unknown can be scary.

February Thank you for your comment! Which is why you reached an absurd conclusion. Theory X approach is better syxtem to the soul-less, repetitive, industrial grind of mass manufacture. Patrick Verheij am As for your question about Toyota: Those are great topics for further discussion!

Semmco should be of interest to anyone engaged in org leadership, development and change: Not just the trust we place in other people is key, but whether we trust them to be self-motivated, driven by the need for self-fulfillment, and capable of self-organizing within boundaries and team settings.

But what does that look like?

Why we cannot learn a damn thing from Semco, or Toyota

There are also plenty people who command and control their peers. You should explain them to your managers and colleagues. Today, the knowledge economy favours Theory Y.