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Tara Herpecheveux, whose head is covered with glowing, golden, dreadlock-like curls of hair, wants Parker to introduce her to kids all over. About 4 chapters later Parker noticed that his dreadlock was twitching and had a Shusterman was born and raised in Brooklyn, New York. Tara Russell. Updated 22 February Transcript. Book and Beyond. Tara Russell. Period 3. Dread Locks by Neal Shusterman.

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Dreadlocks Timeline by Mason Benge on Prezi

At least they think it is a family. He’s not pining after personal relationships he can’t have aka no missing girlfriend. The fact that it took two seconds for me to guess that she is medusa but apparently no one else has heard of medusa in the universe of Dread Locks. The idea that the vague references to Goldilocks and the Three Bears is part of a blending of two mythos is ridiculous.

Students could also be paired off and given a list of Greek myths to research, present, and teach the rest of the class about the myth. The book tries to go thru lengths to separate Parker dhusterman other spoiled rich kids but never actually does so. Not really my favorite type of book, but it wasn’t bad, so that’s where the 3 stars come in. Then to top it all o I think that this book had a good concept, but for me it just didn’t follow through in the ‘interesting’ category.

I felt that shustermaj story line was a little hard neall get in to and the passages seemed to take forever to read. The entire concept of middle child characters has lots of potential but Parker isn’t the middle in a full school of identities like Brendan in Brick. Of Scorpion Shards, Publisher’s Weekly wrote: Medusa meets Goldilocks in this urban horror story, and if the combination sounds really odd, it also works extremely well. He lives in Southern California with his four children. He starts to get a clue when his own family falls under Tara’s curse.


Will he be able to reverse Tara’s influence before it’s too late? It simplifies the story which, let me restate to be clear, is a bad thing.


To say more would spoil the spooky fun of this wild thriller—let the twist speak for itself and leave you still as a statue. The beauty of going into a book blind is, if Dreadlocls don’t like it, I don’t have to worry about how much preconceptions have colored my opinions.

A common theme in Neal Shusterman’s novels is the idea that we humans tend to stagnate if we stop moving forward, even if that halt in movement is a result of our getting everything we think we really want.

Positive, with a dark ending He’s the middle in a school full of rich spoiled kids. Honestly, I didn’t like the girl, Tara, from the beginning. However, she sreadlocks to shustrrman a special spot for Parker. Neal Shusterman simply won’t ever settle for dreaelocks less than the very best that he has to offer, and the big winner is his readers, who I feel as if I’m always saying this in my reviews of Neal Shusterman’s books, but I can’t think of another contemporary author who hits the mark so resoundingly time after time, coming up with stories that mix powerful philosophy, gripping suspense, painfully real characters and shocking twists to an effect that I have rarely, if ever, seen from anyone else.

Good short read shuusterman a creep, no-holds-barred ending. Eating kitty litter with milk, statues with fingerprints, and other unexplained until the very end behaviors will keep readers turning the pages even as they shudder to think what will come next.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. May 29, Allanah Fischer rated it it was ok. More on this in a second. Yet when she meets and talks with some students they change, drastically. But the only problem is that he thinks his life is dull and boring. It was rather anticlimactic, although there will be a sequel, I guess, which better be good. I think that this book had a good concept, but for me it just didn’t follow through in the ‘interesting’ category.


Young Adult, Greek mythology, fairy tale, horror Summary and Analysis: I would have loved to see Parker run wild for a few more chapters before Shusterman dealt that kicker at the end. It’s so easy to wrap ourselves in a cocoon of what we want to pretend shusteman real, drewdlocks put on our blinders just as the equine handlers do for racing horses, so that we can go straight ahead and not have to worry about being spooked by the truths that jut up around us like unscalable mountains.

It left me feeling sad, but then again, most fairy tales have one or more tear-inducing scenes in them.

Dread Locks #1

The waiting was killing me! Friendship, Betrayal, Figuring out what really matters in life, Characters: Creepy, scary, disturbing, Shusterman really is a master of weaving a short but impactful story. Drawbacks or other cautions: He’s not even living a life uncomfortable.

Aug 03, Pages Young Adult. I bought this for myself, ahusterman it was a bit old for my ten year old the characters are highschoolersbut because it was free of language and innuendo, I thought it appropriate for my ten-ye A modern retelling of Goldilocks and the three bears with some Greek mythology thrown in. Modern-day horror twist on fairytales and myth.

These books are horror stories, so I had a lot of hope. Nov 29, Wolfkin rated it shustegman was ok Recommends it for: Not a good reading day for me.

I really need the rest of this series! He has an obnoxious older brother, Garrett, and an irritable little sister, Katrina.