• June 14, 2019

Słowa kluczowe: dyrektywa azotanowa, dyrektywa ściekowa, eutrofizacja wód, Ramowa Dyrektywa Wodna S t r e s z c z e n i e Celem artykułu jest analiza. Introduction. 2. Brief description of the geography and regional organizations in Poland. 3. Soils in Poland. 4. Rainfall and temperature regimes in. aplikacyjne” areał – area, acreage azot – nitrogen. Azotanowa, Dyrektywa zob. Dyrektywa Azotanowa azotany – nitrates badanie gleby – soil analysis, soil tests.

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Protection of water quality in the lake situated on the agricultural area

More information about this event is available at: The lack of competence and rights in the municipalities; The lack of funds connection to the drainage system depends on the level of wealth of residents ; Respecting provisions of the law on landscape conservation; Involvement of Heads of villages; The lack of restrictions imposed by the law; Too azotsnowa pressure caused by housing development in the naturally attractive areas; The lack of awareness and information; The lack of monitoring; The lack of prioritisation; The following solutions to reduce diffuse pollution in the individual municipalities were proposed: A building-block model for stream restoration.

They discussed the topics proposed by using flipcharts:. He expressed his hope that implementation of the EKOROB, the EU Project, would allow to improve the condition of water in the Pilica catchment and Sulejow Reservoir, which would contribute to restoring its former splendour.

Soil ecosystem services their value and use in promoting sustainable farming -Soil ecosystem services their value and use in promoting sustainable farming katarina hedlund lund dyrektyaw soil service project fp7. Planning, construction and use]. It is also possible to consider a change in the protection zone identified based on relevant application. The Course of Organisational Activities: Which competencies held by your institutions could support the process of reducing diffuse pollution in the field of limiting pressures and implementation of new technologies?

The system of efficient solutions would be discussed with officials and notified to the Pilica basin offices and self-governments respectively.

Water Science and Technology. They presented their experience in the field of the programmes to reduce dyektywa pollution in the following order:. According to his own calculations, approx. Key findings resulting from this Survey included: The following parties dyrektyywa invited to take part in the meeting: Stakeholders that participated in azoranowa previous meetings of the Platform, authorities of the municipality government that participated in a survey to identify the key problems of water management in the upper section of the Pilica catchment, as well as other representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions interested in the topic of this meeting.


Restoration of wetlands as a mean of reducing nitrogen transport to coastal waters. Representatives of institutions, local governments, organisations and associations took part in the conference.

gnojówka – English translation – Polish-English dictionary

How to improve this efficiency? Download Presentation Connecting to Server. It would provide a basis for obtaining regional funds, including EU funding, to implement projects aiming at improvement of quality of water in the Pilica and Sulejow Reservoir.

During her presentation, Ms Bednarek raised the issues related with denitrification process, and presented efficiency of denitrification barriers in reducing pollution szotanowa water with nitrates, depending on the input materials used for development of the barriers, and on pollution sources diffuse or point.


They emphasised pollution caused by illegal wastewater discharged directly qzotanowa the Reservoir and on adjacent fields. The Host updated them azotanow the issues formulated by the previous groups and encouraged to further discussions. The Course of Activities Performed dytektywa the Meeting: Durektywa are also plans of implementing actions to continue operations of the platform following project completion.

De Gruyter – Sciendo. TGE representatives asked questions concerning practical impact of EKOROB Project implementation on improvement of purity level of water in the basin; Dr Katarzyna Izydorczyk explained that ecotones constructed under the project represented demo sites which were to demonstrate how actions aiming at improved water quality could be harmonised with needs of the local communities. Jan Andrzejczyk Vice Mayor of Sulejow emphasised that small entities, such as municipality governments, implemented the tasks aimed to improve quality of the catchment water and its conservation, while there was no consistent programme of the Pilica basin conservation that would provide financial support to the activities implemented by the municipalities.

This task is planned for delivery between and The following presentations were presented during the meeting: NWMB emphasised that no actions implemented in the Reservoir itself would resolve the issues, and the whole country would be accountable for WFD implementation.

Azotanwa buffer areas for treatment of pumped agricultural drainage water. Regional Board of Melioration and Water Equipment: Identification of the key pollution sources in the part of the Pilica catchment located above Sulejow Reservoir and its direct catchment, was the leading theme of the conference.

  DIN 267-26 PDF

Representatives of the territorial government entities from the territory of the Pilica upper catchment Silesia and Malopolskie Provinceswhere the Project is implemented, as ydrektywa as representatives of governmental and non-governmental institutions whose operations are directly or indirectly related with water management and agriculture, were invited to the meeting.

In case of farmers conducting economic activity, the Regional Inspections for Environmental Protection are entitled to perform relevant checks.

User Account Sign in to save searches and organize your favorite content. Some analysis were conducted to estimate the sources of nitrogen entering waters of the lake. Defining the factors that enable to implement the Action Programme, which was developed under the project, i. European Commission Environmental cooperation in the Mediterranean. The participants also got familiar with the characteristics of the areas were the demosites are located, and took part in a demonstration of sample collection and the field analyses, which are cyclically held under the project.

Agricultural Consultation Centres deliver training for farmers, an option of cooperation with municipalities in the field of training promotion and organisation in terms of work in water courses and regulation of water courses: According to declarations by high rank EC officials, submission of a plan of measures based on innovative scientific research, start of their implementation and presenting the first indicators of the ecological status improvement provide the basis of granting such additional time.

Dhrektywa of municipalities and their communities is important in the context of project financing by the Ministry of Environment, thus education and information in the municipalities are of significance. Participants were divided into 3 groups composed of several members. European Environment Policy Perspective: Obieg wody i bariery biogeochemiczne w krajobrazie rolniczym [Biogeochemical barriers.

Participants were welcomed by Piotr Kagankiewicz, Starost of Tomaszowski District, who thanked for choosing the District Office as the Conference venue.

The European Commission and EU tax litigation. The objective azotanows this meeting included: The following issues were raised during this presentation: