• June 12, 2019

Soma Technology offers Used and refurbished GE Datex Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia Machine with large-panel displays are mounted on a movable arm with. agents and employees of GE Healthcare of other parties expressly licensed by GE. materials provided with the Aisys CS? for specifications, operating. DRE sources and refurbishes GE Aisys Carestation anesthesia machines. These Datex-Ohmeda units are modular, upgradeable, and is a recent addition to.

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The Aisys CS2 is the most complete anesthesia solution developed, putting patient-focused care at the point of need – at your fingertips. Tailored solution for a range of patients.

Anesthetic delivery accuracy exceeds published performance specifications of other electronic and conventional anesthesia vaporizers. If a spontaneous breath is detected outside of this window, support for this breath is provided according to the set pressure xisys. Clinicians use the information to adjust oxygen flow to maintain their desired inspired oxygen concentration and avoid unnecessarily high fresh gas flow rates.

The result is plug and play usability and a richer data set than before. Digital vaporization includes continuous monitoring by multiple embedded sensors to help ensure precise delivery.

The Aisys Carestation is supported by all the strengths and benefits of GE. It is more than a solution. For more information, contact a DRE representative today. The Aisys Carestation simplifies complex processes with its innovative design. You can easily reposition the displays to keep vital signs and ventilation controls in view and in reach at all times.


Aisys CS² with End tidal Control (EtC) | GE Healthcare

During PSV, once a breath is initiated by the patient, the ventilator pressurizes the airway to a given inspiratory support pressure Psupport. Pressure Control Volume Guaranteed PCV-VG delivers a consistent tidal volume with all the benefits of Pressure Control Ventilation and helps to ensure patients receive the same volume regardless of compliance changes. Shop All Surgical Lights. Visual indication via rising bellows helps prevent leakages. Checkout Dashboard – keeps track of when anesthesia maschines were checked out across your entire department to improve scheduling workflow and ensure machine functionality.

Delivers the tidal volume you set, regardless of changes in the fresh gas flowcircuit compliance, airway pressure, up to the selected pressure limit.

Carestation Insights Online Video. Interface The Aisys CS 2 user interface was designed with intelligent menus that may help reduce set-up time and help minimize training needs.

Supports horizontal and vertical mounting displays. Pressure support ventilation for spontaneously breathing patients has become common practice during general anesthesia. Anesth Analg, 2 And it’s here today.

Aisys CS2 Anesthesia Carestation

Cart Wishlist Account Login. Sophisticated communication protocols enable digital communication of comprehensive patient and system data. Connect devices in a flexible, scalable, integrated system that aosys fast access to clinical intelligence across your enterprise. User-friendly menus help to reduce set-up time, and could minimize training needs.


GE Datex Ohmeda Aisys Anesthesia Machine

Using less agent means spending less money, which can have a positive impact on your bottom line and the environment when waste gases are reduced. EtC Publications Et Control: The Aisys Carestation is built on our industry-leading legacy of anesthesia delivery and patient monitoring technology.

Read More Show Less. Clinicians can be confident that the information displayed is actually measured—not estimated. Electronic protocols provide data continuity. Built in ABS allows for low circuit volume, which creates a fast response, and optimizes low-flow anesthesia.

A ten-year audit of fresh gas flows in a New Zealand hospital: Carestation Insights is an advanced analytic platform that helps make data driven decisions to deliver improved outcomes. The GE Aisys software is easily upgradable to enhance the functionality, add support, and enhance data management.

FDA Products may not be commercially available in all countries. With increasing economic challenges, Et Control provides a tool to deliver low-flow anesthesia in a safer and controlled way, minimizing fresh gas and anesthetic agent usage, with a positive impact on costs.

Modularity, Flexibility and Alarm Management: CARESCAPE TM modular monitors can help you adapt to your patient’s needs, helping you improve patient flow, better manage staff workload, and deliver consistent quality care across the perioperative environment.