• June 12, 2019

Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 2 Output Relay, Gefran. Main Product. Technical Reference. User’s manual GEFRAN Buy Gefran PID Temperature Controller, 48 x 48 (1/16 DIN)mm, 2 Output Logic, Gefran series of Microprocessor Controllers support thermocouple. CONTROLLER USER’S MANUAL SOFTWARE VERSION x code L / Edition 15 – 07/ 1 • INSTALLATION Display Keys Accuracy • Dimensions.

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Command from clean contact of 24 V.

The type of input is selected from the faceplate keys; no external shunts are required. A PC programming kit is available for even simpler configuration, composed of a cable and a guided program for Windows environment see data sheet code Comando da contatto pulito o da tensione 24 V.

EMC conformity has been tested with the following connections. The main input for process variable is universal, and many types of signals can be connected: Interfaccia seriale standard RS The HB alarm also checks load current gefrab the OFF interval of manhal cycle time for the selected output. The serial communication option available in RS standard allows connection to supervision systems and PLCs with two protocols: Got it, continue to print. Resolution 7 bit PWM.

S or at maximum calibration value Max. To mount two or more units side by side, respect the cut-out dimensions. Page 31 Gefran Ambient probe Cap material: This site uses cookies profiling third party to send you advertising in line with your preferences. Unit with internal plug and complete rear socket. Function of digital input 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 dig.


Integral time for cooling Derivative time for cooling when probe is faulty 0. Displays PV value, optional exclusion.

For correct installation, follow the instructions contained in the manual. It is interrupted if the set-point is changed, and automatically resumes with a constant set-point. How to switch the unit ON: Adatta a pilotare ingressi logici, applicazione tipica per interfaccia verso interruttori statici GTS.

It is placed near the power supply circuit and near high-voltage relay gefrwn.

If an oscillation persists, increase the proportional band. The board is automatically recognized by the instrument, which enables display and setting of the parameters involved. Another isolated output at 10 or 24Vdc, 30mA max.

Bring the temperature near room temperature 3. Normally used to retransmit the probe value. With the isolated digital input you can select: Normalerweise als Regelausgang verwendet. The does all the rest. Minimum limit auxiliary l5. Main input settable digital filter.

Indication of process variable Error Indication: Steuerung von potentialfreiem Kontakt oder mit Spannung 24 V. With gradient set, it reaches the local nanual or the one selected. Don’t have an account? For safety reasons, devices permanently connected to the power supply require a two-phase disconnecting switch with proper marking. It will be similar to that in the figure: Use of these solvents can reduce the mechanical reliability of the device. It is enabled by means of configuration code Manuao.


Page 7 Minimum limit auxiliary l5. The variable for example, temperature must be that assumed at zero power room temperature.

Gefran 600 User Manual: User’s Manual

Set the setpoint to the required value 4. Resistors must be at least 2W ; fit a 1N diode in parallel with the coil of inductive loads that operate in DC. It does not engage if the oscillations drop below 1. Der 24 V-Eingang ist isoliert geefran V.


You should be able to check the correct operation of such gefraan during normal operation of the device. The instrument can have up to 4 outputs: Snubberless, inductive and resistive load I.

In case of double action heating or coolingparameters for the opposite action are calculated by maintaining the initial ratio between parameters ex.: All outputs alarms and controls are OFF logic level 0, relays de-energized and gferan unit functions are disabled except the switch-on function and digital communication.

F If possible, to optimize parameters, change the setpoint and check temporary response. Cooling parameters cannot be modified in this mode. To fix the unit, insert the brackets provided into the seats on either side of the case.