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Photo of Henry Margenau. Henry Margenau. Instructional Specialist, Writing Studies. Office: Dickson Hall ; Email: [email protected]; Phone. Why I am a Christian. Professor Henry Margenau. Dear Roy: In a recent telephone conversation you requested that I clarify, or perhaps amplify, my claim that I. Henry Margenau. + Add or change photo on IMDbPro┬╗. Contribute to IMDb. Add a bio, trivia, and more. Update information for Henry Margenau┬╗.

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Margenau lamented that “it forces us to part company with many distinguished moral philosophers who see the autonomy of ethics threatened when a relation of any sort is assumed to exist between that august discipline and science.

The recent controversy concerning emergence or becoming, and the sense in which time is a fourth dimension of space is strongly affected by it. The totality of molecules, the gas, however, exhibits measurable properties like pressure, temperature and entropy genry have no meaning with respect to single molecules. A Philosophy of Modern Physics. Explanation is continuous from below; the concepts of the lower level have meaning on the upper, but not the reverse.

But it seems far more likely, and here is where I would place my bet, that further principles even more widely restrictive of Laplacian causality will enter science, nargenau which case the position here taken will be re-enforced. To be sure, it was triggered by the impinging photons, hence there was uenry immediate cause. Margenau’s work embraced investigation of intermolecular forcesspectroscopynuclear physics and electronics. Obviously it can not mean that the state function describes the observer’s awareness, his momentary state of mind, and the changes in it which occur in time.

No one, of course, can rule out this possibility. Freedom a prerequisite to ethics Most theories of ethics, including the one outlined in section 4, achieve their end, the explanation of moral behavior, once the possibility of freedom and motivation is established. The following questions were sent to each of the invited contributors of the symposium: The bearing of alternative IIa upon the problem of freedom, which as we have seen is encountered in the upper realm, is now apparent.

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Bohr and Heisenberg mention frequently the conflict between observer and observed object with their unavoidable interaction and thereby presumably express themselves in favor of an objective world, the properties of which are to be described according to the first [objective] view.

Let us first see what can possibly be meant by it. No one can deny that this view, even in its extreme, has in it a trace of objectivism because of the admission that states refer to potential and not to actual knowledge, and this is a feature which makes it slightly inconvenient to have to defend the subjective position; it demands constant vigilance lest an inadvertant lapse should contradict the initial tenet.

It may be affirmative, but I strongly doubt it. But if I am told: The problem of freedom, however, has been with us since the dawn of philosophy, and it behooves us now to follow up the allusions at the beginning of section 1 and comment on the uneasy union between deterministic science and freedom-conscious moral philosophy which existed throughout the centuries that preceded ours.

It is dated although at the time I’m sure that it was considered modern. His mother, knowing that he dislikes spinach, knows the outcome, concludes therefore that he has no choice, while the child believes he is facing a genuine alternative. Yet that sensation might have informed a subject in a dark night that “something was there”, perhaps something threatening, and he could have taken measures to avert the danger.

I am somehow challenged to think and then to make a choice. As margennau the influence of atomic chance upon the macroworld, here are a few examples.

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His topic was Scientific Indeterminism and Human Freedomand instead of holding to Cassirer’s view “that it would be fatal for ethics to tie itself to and, as it were, fling itself into the arms of a limitless indeterminism,” Margenau embraced indeterminism as the first step toward a solution of the problem of human freedom. He also worked on spectral line broadeninga technique used to analyse and review the dynamics of the atomic bombing of Hiroshima. The choice was enacted within consciousness, and it evidently was permitted, but merely permitted, by the physical processes that took place.


Their philosophy, called transcendental idealism, regards causality as a category of human understanding, a necessary form in which all knowledge of events must be cast. He was also interested in parapsychology.

Henry Margenau, Quantum mechanics, free will, and determinism – PhilPapers

Learn more about Amazon Prime. It springs from the desire of making a clean break with erroneous notions and therefore emphasizes an opposite extreme. In the present instance, its use to settle the argument concerning freedom is as ineffectual as the application of arithmetic to ideas. Hegel Martin Heidegger Heraclitus Margenah.

The course of events in the universe is a single flow; there is no ambiguity about the happenings at any given time, aside from our knowledge of them, and if a superhuman intellect knew everything that happened up to a certain time T, he would perceive, in looking backward, not only clear determinism but a rigid, filled space-time structure of events. Shopbop Designer Fashion Brands.

Henry Margenau

Herny good MM books: Bender and Orszag, Stakgold. We have seen third axiom that quantum mechanics makes very drastic positive predictions about possible experience, predictions which do not resemble laws of thought and give an impression of utter independence of human knowledge.

However, his book The Miracle of Existence Ox Bow Margenaau, shows Margenau’s broad interests not only in Christianity, but also in Eastern religions and his fascination with finding connections among different religious and philosophical traditions.

While the motion of a single molecule in a gas must be specified with wide margins of probabilities, the entire gas behaves in predictable fashion.