• June 12, 2019

Hi i would like to ask if it is possible to save the incoming faxes with the callerid and the company name as a part of a filename of a pdf of the. Configuring Email to Fax with Exim; Automatically Printing Incoming Faxes; Viewing faxes . When done, save the file and exit the editor. Setup the partitions as follows (hylafax by default puts all faxes and temp files in / var, To have hylafax save incoming faxes in pdf format (it will work to copy the.

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Have your modem hooked up before proceeding. However, you may need only one or two of these more sophisticated clients to manage received faxes and set up the majority of network users with a less-sophisticated free client. The packages found there should work for both Debian and Ubuntu, so you can use the same apt line for both distributuions.

You will then be asked for values specific to the modem. Hosting provided by Metropolitan Area Network Darmstadt. The first line indicates that the HylaFAX daemon is running.

Adding a Dial Prefix To configure HylaFax to dial a number and pause before dialing the requested number, use your favorite text editor to add the following line to your config. Documents in the docq directory use the normal access restrictions of HylaFAX to define who can access which file.


First, the received fax is converted to a. If you want to manually edit the files that contain these settings, use your favorite editor on the ‘config’ and ‘config. The extension it should use. Once you have a fax-modem connected to your system see more about connecting a modem to your Debian system on the Modems page you install the HylaFAX package with the command:. Change “tif” to the extension you are incominb for storing your faxes.


Because there is no way to address a fax to a given individual in an organization i. Do not share the printer. Country Specific General For hylafxa obvious reasons, the country code and dialling prefixes will vary by country.

To send a fax from the command line, run the following command: Usually you will receive a warning that my packages are not authenticated when you try to add my packages for the first time since I am not a Debian or Ubuntu maintainer. If PublicJobQ is set to false, then this file mode determines the permissions of the clients to see the jobs, following the HylaFAX permission model of the group bits controlling uid permissions and the other bits controlling other permissions.

Most any other PostScript printer will probably work. It can be downloaded here. For more FaxDispatch options, see http: HylaFAX configuration parameters are: FaxDispatch can now be used to give the received faxes to the right users. Check the configuration file:.

HylaFax – Debian Wiki

The commadial modifier causes the modem to pause while dialing ATD9, Pause and wait for dial tone: Download program called WHFC which will tell you the status of the hylafax servers. The hyafax scheduler values will then be displayed followed by a confirmation prompt.

Tools Archive Faxes If you have a need to archive each fax by date, there is a script that does just that. Now you can hylavax only send and receive faxes, but received faxes are also received as e-mail attachments. HylaFax last modified The default file mode set on incoming fax by faxgetty is Otherwise, answer yesand perform the above faxaddmodem related steps again. In some cases the fax client is simply a logical printer. Failure to receive silence Added to config.


Fax sending and receiving is very time critical. I hope you know how to do it. Enter the correct ttyS designation for the serial port your fax-modem is connected to ttyS0 is for COM1.

FaxDispatch file – routes all inbound faxes to myemail emailaddy. Next, a box will pop up for you to name the port. And a folder where the faxes are. Job hylafxa has been enhanced in HylaFAX 6. To go to the sourceforge pages for this software to comment, report bugs, or get source code, click here.

Fax recipients must have addresses in this format: You could also have HylaFAX attach the file to the e-mail. You should now be returned to the shell prompt.

Ubuntu – Debian – How To Set Up HylaFax Linux Fax Server

It is also possible to configure sudo to allow the uucp user to change incooming file to any group by adding the following lines to the sudoers file:.

Once installed, you can print to a HylaFAX Server from any application, and it will pop up a simple dialog box, allowing you to enter the destination FAX number. If you just need to run it once. Note that these e-mail options would require you to have Sendmail installed and configured on the fax server. If this step incomjng, there is a likely a communication problem with your modem.