• June 12, 2019

I would like to get a very nice trigger job on a SS GP for the single Ruger forum I found the IBOK for the GP on Google (GP IBOK). I received the GP pdf this morning. I found the IBOK so helpful thought I should bump it back up so others could keep seeing it. There is a great resource called the GP IBOK that is a must have the original author had to remove it due to copywrite claims but you can.

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New GP – Survivalist Forum

Thanks very much Eric it always makes me feel great to be able to help. Dry fire the gun several times to make sure everything works properly.

If all chambers pass this test, the gun is within specifications. Mon Dec 03, Transfer bar is lifted into position.

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Inspect the recoil shield center pin hole. Hold the latch in with your left thumb against spring tension while inserting the latch-retaining pin part 20 in the hole ibokk your right hand.

Hp100 so, read this post. Hi well to answer your question normally no change is needed. Big Andy This space for rent. You should see a hole drilled to accommodate the plunger spring. Update we have been bulk correcting accounts apologies for the inconvenience. Gp10 install endshake bearings, put a drop of oil on the end of the crane tube and another drop on the front tube flange. Remove the fork and set the strut assembly aside for now.


Slide the grip panel locator into position with an equal amount of pin extending from both sides. Examine the overall fit and finish.

Hold the hammer dog in position and install the hammer dog pivot pin. The mainspring develops the energy pg100 to propel the hammer hard enough to detonate a primer.

It’s one of my favorites Carry-up is a condition where the cylinder is supposed to lock up near the end gp1000 a hammer stroke. On adjustable sight models, insert a proper fitting flat blade screwdriver in the windage screw part Place the front dovetail of the sight in the channel.

This site uses cookies. With the gun in a static condition, hold the cylinder to the rear and slide the thickest gap gauge blade that will fit between the rear barrel surface and the front face of the cylinder.

I tell you what ibk is a real gentleman and very knowledgeable as you can tell from his article. Log in or sign up in seconds. Also, remove any machine marks from the bottom surface iboi buff it smooth. To remove the hammer dog, use a paper clip or small pin punch to push the hammer dog pin part 20 out of the hammer. Amazon sent me the wrong sight the first time. As a gp100 GP owner in the last few months I also agree on the Hy-viz sights as that does wonders!



Find all posts by Hungry. Trigger plunger resets on cylinder latch. Do not overdo it or you will break the sear. Use a paper clip or small pin punch inserted in the hole and push down. Once seated, swing the cylinder into the latched position.

Am I stuck with a two-piece style grip? Do not over lubricate or powder residue will form a gritty paste and bind up the cylinder. After the parts have been cleaned, insert the ejector from the rear and the spring and center pin rod from the front. Inspect all six tips of the ejector by dragging your fingernail across iboo tips. The sight plunger part 38 and spring part 39 can be removed if necessary by pushing the plunger forward with a stiff wire from inside the sight channel.