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SR61 – read user manual online or download in PDF format. Pages in total: SR60 Scanner Programmer’s Reference Manual. Intermec Technologies Corporation. Worldwide Headquarters. 36th Ave.W. Everett, WA U.S.A. CK3c Mobile Computer User’s Manual. Intermec operate and service Intermec- manufactured equipment and is not to be released, reproduced, or cordless scanners, such as the SF51 and SR61 through Bluetooth.

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Contents Configuring the SR61 Parameters. Before you work with the SR61, you should be familiar with your network and intemec networking terms, such as IP address.


The SR61 contains a 1D linear imager, 2D area imager, or laser scan engine to scan bar code data. Make sure the blue light flashes red for two Intermec Ready-to-Work indicator is on and the SR61 is seconds, and the scanner beeps connected to your host device. You should also be familiar with S6r1 communications. Troubleshooting Troubleshooting and Maintaining the SR To print the manual completely, please, download it.

The aimer beam flashes on so that you can see where to aim the SR61 and flashes off to read the bar code with the least maunal of interference from the light of the aimer beam. Make sure you fully charge the battery before you start using the SR When you itermec a lower decode security level, the SR61 can decode bar codes with poorer print quality.


Make sure that SR61 is selected as your product.

For example, you can change the Beep Volume and make the SR61 beeper very quiet. To disconnect, scan the disconnect bar code. When the SR61 connects to your Intermec computer, the SR61 emits a series sr6 beeps from low to high, and the blue Intermec Ready-to-Work indicator turns on and stays on. Page 8 Accessories for the SR Trigger Turn Off After Mode Page 71 4 mils 0.

These characteristics are controlled by configuration commands. Bluetooth communications, or if the SR61 is too far from the host device. Upgrading Your Sr61 Code Scanners: Don’t show me this message again. Page 4 Intermec Technologies Corporation. See keyboard wedge what you xr61, wireless communications, configuring, USB Bluetooth adapter.

Do not allow any abrasive material to touch the window. The Online Setup dialog box appears. You can connect your SR61 to your host PC as a keyboard wedge. The scanner beam blinks while the SR61 is waiting to transmit data.

For enhanced security, you should configure your SR61 for limited discoverability, which allows the SR61 to be discoverable by Bluetooth management applications for only 30 seconds. The aiming beam is smaller when the imager is closer to the bar code and larger when it is further away.

There may be other U.

For security reasons, you can only change the Bluetooth PIN by scanning a bar code. Trigger Timeout near-far range area imager only. To order accessories, contact your local Intermec sales representative. Artboard Artboard Artboard Artboard. For example, you can change the Beep Volume and make the SR61 beeper very quiet for a quiet environment. Visit the Intermec support services knowledge base Knowledge Central at information or to request technical support for your Intermec product.


EasySet to locate the SR Trigger mode allows you to set different types of triggering for the imager.

Configuration Command Reference Use this chapter to learn about the configuration commands supported on the SR Stacked Inetrmec Crackle Enables or disables the crackle sound when you scan a stacked 2D bar code. Contents Contents Before You Begin. When the Trigger Timeout period is reached, the scanner starts flashing. The SR61 is not discoverable when it is connected to a host device. For more information, see the EasySet software.

Intermec SR61 User Manual

Wipe the scanner window. Sr61 Configuration Commands By default, the SR61 aimer manuxl flashes repeatedly while the imager attempts to read a bar code. To scan a bar code label with a laser scanner or 1D linear imager 1 Point the SR61 at the bar code label and hold the SR61 at a slight angle 15 to 25 cm 6 to 10 in from the label.

Configuring the SR61 Parameters You can configure many parameters on the SR61, such as the bar code symbologies it decodes or the volume of the beeper. When you first connect to When you reset your SR61, the scanner control firmware is restarted.