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  • June 14, 2019

19 INGHAM, K. H. (M) 20 LEY. 20 vacancies (1 vacant post held against by 1 supny. post of Force Training Offr.) — 25, 1. Cant ley-Morris, ; McCluure lAcCormlck d. . West Virginia LITTLE PORTER’S ESSO SERVICE U.S. Racine, West Virginia. Ley, Esq; and a little farther, on I. Marwood Hill, Charles leifl’, 11′ Collumpton – – 2 § Moukatou ‘-_ – – Stafl’ords – – – 4% % EXETER – – – a. lr

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Leu Acts Amendment Act No. Modifies the provisions of the Superannuation Act in its application to persons to whom section 51 of the Act applies.

Amends the Parliamentary Superannuation Actthe Police Superannuation Actthe Southern State Superannuation Act and the Superannuation Act to ensure that same sex couples have equal entitlements to superannuation benefits.

Closure of superannuation banking accounts Supplements article 20 Conditions and terms of granting disability military pensions with new part 4 which states, inter alia, that the provisions provided by article 20 do not refer to the persons which have right to compensation according the law “On compensation for injuries to health of military servants defending the Republic of Armenia”.

Made under the State Authorities Superannuation Act Amends certain definitions and replaces regulation 4 subparagraph 4 a ii relating to persons not included in the definition of “eligible employee”.

Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations 225165 of Act 3. Made under Retirement Savings Accounts Act Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Transitional Provisions Regulations regarding beneficiary’s rights in relation to alterations in a pension fund. The amendments were made in order to facilitate transition to retirement processes as an option for members in the public service.

Inter alia, inserts new part 2E relating to certain payments not to be treated as salary. Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations by inserting a new Schedule 1AA, listing exempt public sector superannuation schemes.


Introduces, inter lley, changes regulating issues of granting of public allowances in case of loss of income, conditions and criteria to benefit from public allowances as well as regulates the payment mechanisms for children.


Texto ordenado en del decreto-ley de 30 dic. Extensive amendments concerning mobility allowance, penalty interest charges, confidentiality, mature age allowances and related matters.

Leu in respect of, inter alia, application of the Superannuation Act to eligible employees affected by transfer of certain Commonwealth facilities. Amends provisions relating to period of contributory service and payment amounts for lump sum benefits.

Superannuation Administration Act No 25615 under Superannuation Act ComSuper Act Act No. Participation in the Compulsory Cumulative Component. Inter alia makes provision for size of defined benefits funds. Transport Superannuation Regulations S.

Amends regulation 13 relating to the application of the Superannuation Act to certain former employees of repatriation institutions who join State superannuation schemes. Concluding and Transitional Provisions. Approves the form of application to be sent to receive the benefit.

Inter alia provides for meaning of “protected member”, rules for rollover and transfer of benefits in regulated superannuation funds and approved deposit funds, and for some related matters.

Inter alia makes provision for market linked pension. Selection of Compulsory Pension Fund Chapter 8: A partir del 1. Provides, inter alia, that a statutory authority may establish a superannuation scheme; or join in establishing and amending a superannuation scheme; or take part in a superannuation scheme for its members. Provides for determination of certain disputes involving persons who are members of the electricity superannuation scheme established by trust deed under Section of the Superannuation Administration Act Amends Superannuation Act with regard to directions and declarations by the Board, exercise of powers by Commissioner, Minister and Governor-General, payment of certain money to eligible roll-over funds, refund of productivity contributions, and related matters.


Armenia – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Law, Act.

Amends the Government Superannuation Fund Act with regard to the rights of the superintendent of the Government Superannution Fund. Amends legislation relating to veterans’ affairs, social leyy, military rehabilitation and compensation and aged care. Replaces the definitions of “superannuation scheme”, and “the 50 per cent sale day”; adds a new definition of “top-up arrangement”; substitutes in regulation 3 subparagraph 3 1 d iii relating to classes of persons to which section 14A of the Superannuation Act does not apply and substitutes regulation 3A subparagraphs 3A 1 a v and 3A 1 d iii relating to classes of persons to which section 14A does apply.

Results list of Browse by country – NATLEX

Inter alia provides for options for trustees in relation to allocated pension interests. Management of the Compulsory Cumulative Component.

Amends regulation 3B relating to repatriation institutions staff to whom section 14A of the Superannuation Act applies. Provisions in respect to, inter alia, classes of persons to which section 14A of the Superannuation Act applies.

Amends Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations with regard lej the rights and duties of trustees.

Argentina – Old-age, invalidity and survivors benefit – Regulation, Decree, Ordinance. Amends Schedule 1, Regulation 3 to provide for the compulsory cashing of benefits in regulated superannuation funds at age Amends the law relating to taxation, superannuation, social security and veterans’ entitlements. Makes several administrative amendments to the Superannuation Industry Supervision Regulations. Inserts new regulations regarding the release of benefits on compassionate grounds and in cases of extreme financial hardship.

Replaces the definition for “alternative superannuation scheme”, and adds a definition for “productivity benefits”.