• June 12, 2019

“Our journey for peace begins today and every day. Each step is a prayer, each step is a meditation, each step will build a bridge.”. A Biographical Sketch of Somdet Phra Maha Ghosananda “The Gandhi of Cambodia”. • Born Takeo Province, south central Cambodia. • Initiated into. Maha Ghosananda, (Somdet Phra Maha Ghosananda), Cambodian Buddhist patriarch (born ?, Takeo province, Cambodia, French.

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He was simple in his needs and did not hold any official post, in the temples he established or in his peace movement. Our editors will review what you’ve submitted, ghosaanda if it meets our criteria, we’ll add it to the article. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Preah Maha Ghosananda.

Maha Ghosananda

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here For his teachings on non-violence and establishing Buddhist temples throughout the world that root his exiled people in their religion of peace, he was presented with the Peace Abbey Courage of Conscience Award.

Interested persons may try following: Mha ecumenical initiatives, world days of prayer for “Peace in Cambodia and the Whole World.

His ideals of peace were revalidated here. Unfortunately, our editorial approach may mahw be able to accommodate all contributions. Buddhist University, Phnom Penh – graduate. You are commenting using your Twitter account. By western students referring to their experiences at teachers temples: Views Read Gnosananda View history. His teachings on meditation and inner peace in refugee camps helped thousands of refugees deal with their feelings of anger, frustration and violence towards their perpetrators.


SinceMaha Ghosananda worked tirelessly for Buddhism and for human rights. He had been called “the Gandhi of Cambodia. A 4x Nobel nominee, he is recipient of many honours, fluent in 15 languages and strong supporter of women’s Buddhism.

Buddhist Masters and Their Organisations: Somdet Phra Maha Ghosananda

We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles. Led Ghosanqnda Dhammayietra through the most heavily war-torn western province of Cambodia. Co-founded Inter-religious Mission for Peace.

In fact, he gave away a precious Buddha statue that the Dalai Lama had presented to him. Was Patron of conference on Buddhism and Peace in Battambang, Cambodia, which ghossnanda organized by Buddhism for Development group and was attended by representatives of different militant factions.

InMaha Ghosananda was elected as sanghreach sangharaja by a small gathering of exiled monks in Paris.

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Members of Peace Council join the walk. Learn More in these related Britannica articles: Jack Zhao Puchu Philip A.

Led the Fifth Dhammayietra for Peace and Reconciliation in Cambodia, focusing on deforestation and the link between the military, illegal logging and the on going civil war. Drew a link between healthy forests and the life of the Buddhist order. Throughout Maha Gnosananda established wats ghosanana refugee camps along the Thai-Cambodian border, ordaining monks against the orders of the Thai military.


During the regime of Pol Pot —79when an estimated two….

Three days after the first wave of refugees arrived at the camp, Maha Ghosananda arrived on a rickety old bus, serene and calm. But please take the vow of the eight non-violent rules of the Buddha for today. He greatly impressed the monks with whom he served, and at age fourteen received novice ordination.

The Dhammayietra became an annual pilgrimage, calling attention to different issues in subsequent years. He was also known for his lack of interest in political power or material possessions.

Led the Sixth Dhammayietra through areas of Cambodia which were, until a few months before, under the total control of the Khmer Rouge. The Sakeo refugee camp was on the Thai-Cambodian border, and was helping Ghoasnanda refugees.