16:8 Online Summer Cleanse

$37.00 $97.00

100% Flexible Summer Diet Plan! Cures bloating, cravings and out of control eating.

Download today and start tomorrow! 100% done for you meal guide, grocery list and cheat sheet that will ensure your summer eating doesn't go off the rails and that you lose weight on autopilot.

Dieting doesn't have to be miserable! Try this plan for 30 days and you'll see that the way we do things at 10,000 Strong is safe, sensible, sustainable and...


This meal plan includes:

- 30 days of done-for-you meal planning with simple, family-friendly recipes.

- a printer friendly grocery list so you know exactly what to buy

- a $100 savings on a month of training at our studio

- a flexible diet solution for lazy summer days

- a cheat sheet for substitutions and spices (yes we have thought of everything)

- a no-risk and no-membership solution to getting slender-strong this Summer ;)

This meal plan is only $37 dollars and you can use it time and time again. Start any time you like and do it from the convenience of your kitchen.

Low-cost, BIG RESULTS and, max flexibility.

I know that signing up for a long-term contract is out of the question this summer...so do the next best thing and grab the most effective and healthy fat-loss program you can do from home. 

Or from the cottage.

Important stuff:

The meal plan will download upon purchase. Please email info@whitbybootcamp.com if you run into any technical issues.

 This meal plan can be combined with our Intro To Boot Camp Month for $77. The link for this will be emailed upon purchase also.

**Please note, there are no refunds on these downloadable products nor on any boot camp purchases you make