MEAL PLAN ONLY: Hour Glass Fast -21 day intermittent fasting


Want to *finally* rid yourself of that STUBBORN stomach and thigh fat? Need to immediately get rid of your muffin top? Sick and tired of trying EVERYTHING and nothing working at all.....?

Well then, you'll need to join our 21 day, intermittent fasting nutrition and fitness program that will kick start your weight loss program so with results so fast you'll wonder why you didn't start sooner.

This challenge will safely and deliciously guide you through 21 days of 5:2 fasting, a clean and lean meal plan.

(Side note, post-divorce I gained 30 pounds due to stress, inconsistent diet, hormones and slow thyroid and this is the ONLY diet that actually flipped my fat burning switch back ON regardless of what the stress has done to my metabolism)

Your 21 Day Hour Glass Fast includes:

 - A nutritionist developed fat loss meal plan that focuses on fat loss and fat loss only. Your fat burning switch will be flipped back on so you can burn fat the way your body is supposed to. 

- 100% done for you program. All you need to do is grab those groceries and jump in. All your meals are laid out and all your workouts are prepared for you. This is a FAIL-SAFE program.

- A fantastic introduction to 10,000 Strong and a quick 3-week blitz that will ensure you get maximum results from Europe's foremost weight loss program.