Juice That, Eat This: Green juice and detox meal plan


This 19 day cleanse will help you jump start your weight loss and repair your body from the inside out. This will help lay the ground work and keep you motivated to make it work....forever.
Caution: There are side effects to this plan. 
- Loss of inches
- A flatter stomach
- Not feeling bloated anymore.

You will have more energy than ever before. You will clear your body of toxins and all that nasty gunk that has been building up inside you.

Your pants will become looser and your smile will become bigger. You'll feel slimmer, lighter and less wobbly in under 3 weeks.
The meal plan is designed to make you feel full on foods that are healthy and clean. The fresh juices are there to heal your body and de-bloat your belly. Your grocery lists, tips and tricks and as well as Tasty Juice Blue Print will tie this whole program together and make it the easiest follow along weight loss plan you have ever done.
Pick up a copy of our Famous 19 Day Cleanse: Juice This, Eat That! It’s a complete done for you plan that our members rave about.