Summer BOGO membership

$197.00 $394.00

Workout whenever you like ALL summer but get a month free 

Summer is crazy. Trips to the cottage, lazy hazy days at the beach.

The last thing you can think about is signing up for a gym membership! Nuh uh! That can’t wait till fall BUT...

you can’t just be a blob all summer. You still need to workout out. 



Every year 10,000 Strong offers a Summer Bogo for exactly this reason. 

I know you don’t want to commit full to a membership because your summer schedule is all over the map but you don’t exactly want to do nothing all Summer.

(you need to combat all those drinks)

And so we offer a BOGO  deal where you can workout all summer but only pay for one month.

Buy July and get August for FREE!

No long term memberships and no worrying about wasting money over the Sunmer. 

Spots are limited for this deal, but if you are reading this message you are one of the lucky ones ;) 

Grab yours now before they disappear and enjoy working out with trainers that will be there when your schedule allows.







Buy July and get August FREE!