The 10:10 Weight Loss Approach


10 days of cleansing followed by 10 days of fat burning which will ensure weight loss is no longer a struggle.

You must first HEAL the body before trying to lose weight.

If you can get rid of those digestive issues, those hormonal imbalances, that heavy toxic load that jammed up liver don't you think it would be 10 times easier to lose weight?

Wouldn't it be nice to finally lose weight effortlessly instead of fighting your body at every turn?

Well, the thing is, you can. But you must do all the background work first.

If you can flood the body with nutrition and help the body work as effectively as possible, then we all know that in turn, it would WANT to become the leanest energy machine in town.

Your body doesn't want to be overweight, but with all the crap you keep loading on top of it, what choice are you giving it?

Our 10:10 Weight Loss Approach is a brand new way of looking at weight loss. First, we will heal the body with an anti-oxidant rich and detoxifying juicing and eating protocol.

Then, after your body is feeling 10 times better, we will treat it to a full on fat burning meal plan to help your body drop extra pounds.

This plan will also help those who are :

- Stuck inside the rotten depths of plateau that have you reeling with demotivation and despair

- Suffer from a stomach so bloated it looks and feels like you are five months pregnant

- Supremely bored of their nutrition regime and need something completely new to shake things up so they can skinny down.

- Hitting the 3 pm Wall Of Sleep every day and need an injection of energy in order to stay on top of the 10 squillion demands made on their time.


Stop battling your body and start enjoying food again.