The Elimination Plan: reduce bloating within 5 days or less

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Kerry lost 2 inches around her stomach in just 14 days on this plan.

Yep, she started 2 weeks ago with my private one on one coaching and jumped into this meal plan as soon as she went grocery shopping.

She ate the foods and drank the water recommended and when she came back to see me, she had lost 2 inches of her stomach and 2 inches from her back.


Well, a lot of the discomfort you feel is from bloating. If you look pregnant and your stomach sticks out that's a pretty good sign your system is under massive amounts of strain and is retaining water.

If your arms jiggle and thighs rub...there's gonna be some bloating.

Bloating means your body is tired and sick. And, when you are tired and sick, losing weight and working out is practically impossible.

So let's start at the start and give the body a HUGE inch loss and de-bloat here.

This plan includes:

- A 15-day plan done via 3 simple 5-day rotations of food.

- All the recipes you will ever need for healthy eating.

- Cheats, hacks, and short-cuts that make this plan easy for a busy woman

- A well laid-out, printable plan that you can take anywhere and everywhere.

Grab this book today and re-use after every holiday, Summer, party and more. It will sort you out in NO TIME.