The Fat Loss Factor

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The ultimate back-on-the-wagon meal plan is ready and just in time for September.

Saggy, flabby and bloated stomachs happen after a summer of snacking and boozing but it doesn't have to stay there.

In fact, you can reverse all that weight gain in just 4 weeks with NO dodgy pills, potions or powders.

Say goodbye to all your summer indiscretions and enjoy feasting on simple and delicious meals that will blast the fat from your body.

Have I included a cheat meal and wine?? YUP, and a sneaky diet hack that means you can enjoy your favourite cheats and STILL have massive success.

You can turn your brain off and feed yourself and your family this easy, healthy and fat loss focused 4-week meal plan.

Losing weight just got a whole lot less stressful.

Inside this program you will find:


- a 100% done for you 4-week day meal plan that has ONE thing in mind: FAT LOSS.

-  a grocery guide so you know what to stock your pantry with and when.

- a spice guide so you can make your boring “diet” food into “OMG YUM” food.

- simple meal construction with NO crazy recipes or hippy-dippy ingredients

- a diet hack that will allow your favourite indulgences without screwing up your results.

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